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Working with a client like Kelly Key is always a rewarding process. Having found us through the Wix Arena, Kelly was on the hunt for a design team that could create a modern website that would showcase his company's services in the most professional way possible. So, that's what we did. Shoulder to the wheel, collective noses to the grindstone, and thinking caps firmly seated, the HQD duo came up with a concept that would make Natchitoches Security Storage stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Natchitoches Security Storage

About Natchitoches Security Storage Based in Louisiana, Natchitoches Security Storage offers clients affordable storage solutions both for their personal and individual needs. With a large variety of storage unit sizes in both standard and climate controlled options, this storage company is intensely focused on the finer details. Of course, it doesn't stop there. Kelly and his team are particularly proud of their protected vehicle storage solutions which are able to accomodate anything from a jet ski to a full-size RV. The centrally located, secure vehicle storage area is under constant surveillance, and access is strictly limited to entry via a computer controlled gate. HQD's Services on This Project Our aim with this website was to create a vibrant look and feel, with a color pallette that went well with the company's bold purple logo. Neutral tones in the background helped to make the high quality images we sourced really "pop", and allowed the purple and blue tones to stand out without becoming too overbearing.

In addition to a completely custom website design, we also took to the website's SEO with our very own fine-toothed textual comb. After a few months we are proud to announce that Natchitoches not only on the first page of Google but is also the very first result directly under the sponsored ads! Proof positive that choosing the appropriate keywords and working them to their full potential is the key to success. Three primary keyword variants all lead to the same result:

Natchitoches Security Storage

As with all of our projects, we did our utmost to ensure the searchability of the website. With SEO optimization and continued content updates, we can get you where you need to be. Want to view their website? Check it out here: http://www.natchitochessecuritystorage.com.

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