Why Do I Need a Professional Website?

As a professional web design studio, it is our responsibility to tell the truth about website ownership and whether or not they are an absolute necessity. We won’t tell you that you need your own site because “everyone else is doing it”. We’re also not here to push a service simply because we happen to offer it. If we were the operators of a cheese farm just slightly to the left of the middle of nowhere, we would still believe that every successful business needs a website. All businesses, whether they are start-ups or have been running for several years, need professionally designed, fully functional websites. All stores should have eCommerce sites that allow clients to shop online. All creatives should have some form of a CV-site to showcase their work. Here’s why:

why you need a website

1. Exposure Over 2.4 million people browse the internet daily. Roughly 90% of these users will either purchase a product online or contact a company to request their services. Without a website, businesses are unable to get in on the ground floor of this lucrative marketing opportunity. 2. Round the Clock Run-Time All websites run 24/7. Essentially, this is a marketing platform that never sleeps. While business owners get some much-needed shut-eye, their websites continue to do a large amount of the marketing legwork. 4. Business Value When professionals plan on taking out a business loan, they may need to be prepared for the fact that banks often ask to see their lenders’ company websites. Should this happen to you, it is of the utmost importance that your website is flawless and that it gets your point across. 5. Saves you a Pretty Penny As a small business owner, budgeting is always a concern. You may think that a website is an additional cost that you can’t afford. The fact of the matter is that you can’t afford not to. The monthly cost of running a website pales in comparison to the expense of placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine. To put things into perspective, a magazine editorial costs thousands whereas monthly web hosting costs around a hundred or less. 6. Keep Customers in the Loop Basically, your website is your online brochure. You can update it any time you want to include news, special offers, new products, exciting events, or unique services. The cost of these updates is minimal or completely free, if you have a CMS system. Compare this to printing out new brochures every time you have a promo and you’ll see how regular printing costs pile up after each new print run. 7. Credibility Many professionals struggle to market themselves. Selling a product or service in competitive markets is never easy but with a website you’ll garner instant credibility. A professionally designed website will help to showcase your brand identity. By establishing your online footprint you offer proof that you are willing to connect, communicate, and build a strong professional relationship with your clients. 8. Find your Voice Your website provides the perfect platform to find your voice and speak your mind. Most websites these days are connected to blogging platforms that enable business owners to really catch the attention of their clients. We live in an age where social networking is a big deal. Your clients want to know who you are, what you stand for, and why your product or service is best for them. The great thing about blogging is that you don’t only have to talk about your brand – you can talk about any trending topics that interest you and that might interest your clients. 9. Communication and Support Customer support is a big deal. If your customers aren’t happy with the information that is readily available on any company, they’ll move on to someone who is a bit more transparent. It’s amazing what a well-organized FAQ page can do for your business. If you set up contact forms, email subscriptions, and online chat services you’ll be even more popular. Potential clients want to know that you care.

10. Your Website, Your Rules When you set up your website you have the opportunity to break the mold. The internet has tons of room for people who want to play by their own rules. Be unique – it’s what potential clients are looking for.

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