The Good Food & Wine Show 2015

Carmen Frazer and Simoné Streck at GFWSA

This past weekend, we donned our warm winter jackets and braved the drizzly Capetonian weather to pop in at the Good Food and Wine Show hosted by the CTICC– and boy, are we glad we did! We arrived just in time to see the fantastically fabulous Giggling Gourmet, Jenny Morris, do the “Pata Pata” before a cooking demonstration at her “Romancing the Stove” stage. Once we were done salivating over the Wonderful Pear Tarts, Potato Butternut Prawn and Chicken Lemak, we thought it best to tackle the 200 odd stalls in our path.

Halloumi from George's on the Go

We made a bee-line for the Cape Town Food Trucks section. Having spotted George’s on the Go, we knew we’d need some Halloumi skewers and Dolmades as fuel for the journey ahead ;) As far as we’re concerned, every day should start with Greek food. Here is a round-up of our favourite products and brands from the show:

Teapigs Africa

1. Teapigs Africa We had a chance to do a quick catch up with Shaz Bennett from Teapigs Africa at their stall in the Revolution Food section of the expo. The buzz of excitement around the stall was palpable, and we indulged in a few quick sips of Lemongrass & Ginger and Popcorn tea whilst listening to plans for the future growth of the brand. We also had our first taste of the Matcha Green Tea – a delicious detox drink that is remarkably delicious in comparison to other brands. Visit their website or Facebook Page

Flavour Union Truffle Products

2. Flavour Union Flavour Union’s truffle products are out of this world! Just the teensiest taste of their black truffle mayo had us begging for more. The earthy pungency of imported black truffles works remarkably well in their infused organic honey as well and we absolutely can’t wait to place our first order. We were touched by the absolute passion that the Flavour Union team has for their product line – so much so that it kept us smiling for the rest of the day. Visit their website

Jenny's Clotted Cream

3. Jenny’s Cream Products 100% pure, thick, clotted cream – yes please! We could not resist the pure decadence of scones, jam and Jenny’s famous clotted cream as we ambled past their stall. With more than a few EAT Out Magazine awards under their belt, Jenny’s Cream Products deserves some serious applause. Their pasture grazed jersey cows must be ridiculously happy…it’s the only explanation for such a delicious, fully organic product. Visit their website

New Beginnings Toffees

4. New Beginnings Toffees The soft Macadamia toffee at New Beginnings Toffees’ stall had us completely hooked from the first mouthful. We absolutely love this “old school” candy, and the adorable packaging is just too adorable. Their herbal range was particularly interesting, and we promptly added their “Love” toffee with Black Cohosh to our food loot for the day. Visit their website or Facebook Page

Coconut Connection

5. Coconut Connection Organic coconut oil is one of those trending products that we think everyone should have in their pantry cupboard. It’s versatile, useful, and healthy – a proper triple threat. Coconut connection has an impressive range of products including organic virgin coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut sugar, pure coconut water…and a whole lot more. The coconut toothpaste on sale was one of our favourites – minty fresh without any fluoride, an absolute must. Visit their Facebook Page

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